The Green Scene and (COVID-19).

Free Delivery

We all are concerned about the Coronavirus. We all have lots of questions. Unfortunately in todays world lots of people get their information from the wrong sources. The C.D.C. has answers for all of your questions.

The State of Michigan announced the first confirmed cases in our state. If you are considering limiting your contact with others, at the Green Scene we have put in place a temporary plan to help ease your fears.

If you live within 10 miles of the store we will offer free delivery on any purchase. All you need to do is call the store at 269 558-8080 or Email us at Delivery will be within 24 hours of your order.

The first line of defense is always wash your hands. As always we have a full line of Dr. Bronner's soaps as well as our Zum products. We know that some retailers are taking advantage of the situation and raising the price of much needed products. At The Green Scene we are doing just the opposite, all hand washing products are currently 10% off the normal retail price.


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