No Human Contact Monday!

There is an ad that is currently running on the TV that  uses the song, "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love". Somehow this is connected to buying gifts online. Great song and the images in the commercial are cute. We like the original! Or, maybe you like the Blues Brothers version.

If you watch the ad the only interaction you will get from shopping online is from the delivery driver and a box with a smile. When you shop online you won't experience how wonderful the store smells, you won't get to try on your Stormy Kromer to make sure you have the perfect fit, and you won't get a recommendation on where to go for dinner. The Monday after Thanksgiving has come to be called Cyber Monday, we like to think of it as no human Monday. We think you are looking for more.

At The Green Scene you will get far more. You will be greeted by one of our friendly faces who can help you select that perfect gift. If you are really lucky you will get to have Barkley escort you around the store.

Instead of sitting on your computer, get out, take a friend, have lunch, and stop into the Green Scene and say hi. 

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