Our Vision

The Green Scene Natural Living Store of Marshall is dedicated to providing an exceptional shopping experience for the consumer who is looking for high quality environmentally friendly consumer goods. From the moment you enter the store you know this store is different. The first thing you notice and what most customers comment on is the amazing aroma that sets the tone for a pleasant shopping experience.

No matter if you are greeted by one of the owners or by one of our outstanding employees you are in for a friendly relaxing shopping experience. We understand that the consumer wants to feel welcome to browse without pressure, yet have someone willing to help and to answer questions. No matter if you are a long time friend or an out-of-town visitor you will be welcomed and appreciated.

As owners and employees we are here because we are truly concerned about the environment and our impact on it. We understand that as consumers every decision we make has an impact on the world. In an ideal world we would make our own clothing from yarn we spun from wool gathered on our own organic farm. Even this would have some impact on our world. These days are long gone, in fact the world could not support the current population if we all lived like this. We believe that consumers should think about the choices we make to minimize our impact.

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