We Love the Ocean!

One of the things that we love in this world is the ocean. Some of our fondest memories are of time tide pooling in Alaska. The memories of observing the fascinating creatures will stay with us forever. We were reminded of those memories while listening to NPR's radio program, Science Friday. Below, you will see two videos of some amazing creatures. We may never have the opportunity to observe these animals in their natural settings it brings us joy just knowing that they are there.

Enjoy the videos.

How long these animals will be able to survive is in question. Every decision made while shopping for consumer goods for ourselves and homes has the potential to negatively impact the worlds oceans. Laundry products are among the most critical when thinking about the environment. At the Green Scene we are pleased to sell and use at our home, Zum Clean Laundry Soap, among the fine products from Indigo Wild. If you are not sure about the soap please ask for a free sample and give it a try.

In addition the plastic containers that laundry soap comes in is creating a major problem for the oceans and The Great Lakes. One of the most important steps we as consumers can take to help keep plastics out of the environment is to make sure we are recycling. At the Green Scene we take recycling serious. Bring your empty Zum laundry soap bottle back and we will refill it with the same great soap, and you will save $1.00 just for bringing in the bottle.

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