Vernal Equinox

This is the first installment of The Green Question. Periodically we will be posting a question on our Facebook Page with either an environmental question or one related to the store and home town. These should be fun and thought provoking. We hope you have fun with this.

So, today in the Northern Hemisphere is the vernal Equinox, Autumnal in the Southern. At 6:45 PM the Sun comes back from its winter trip to the south. At 6:45 this evening the Sun will be directly over the equator and we roughly have the same amount of daylight and darkness.

The question: Where on Earth do they have the most daylight time over the course of a year?

The Answer: Sorry a trick question to kick us off. Everywhere on Earth over an entire year has the same amount of daytime and nighttime, just not distributed equally. Int eh tropics every day has nearly 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. At the poles they have 1 day and 1 night each lasting 12 months.

We have the Earth’s axis tipped at 23.5 degrees for the change is seasons and the nice long summer days that we all love.

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