Our Team



On most days it is Claudia who will greet you when you enter the store. She is passionate about Marshall, customer service, and providing products that are good for you and the environment.



If you see Doug at the store you are probably shopping during a special event. He performs many of the behind the scene duties including maintaining this website. 


Even though he is no longer with us, Barkley will always be an important member of our team. You can still access his Facebook page to enjoy all the great pictures of our sweet boy! 


 Barkley on his Facebook page.



Almost all of the photos on this site and on our Facebook page were taken by Stephanie. We have know her for as long as we have lived in town, traveled to Alaska with her, and she regularly watches Barkley when we go out of town. 

If you are in need of a photographer for a wedding, senior pictures, or any other special event check her out at,