Our Team



On most days it is Claudia who will greet you when you enter the store. She is passionate about Marshall, customer service, and providing products that are good for you and the environment.



If you see Doug at the store you are probably shopping during a special event and he probably has Barkley with him. He performs many of the behind the scene duties including maintaining this website. 



Barkley loves spending time at the store, but only when there are lots of customers and he loves all of his co-workers. You can follow Barkley on his Facebook page.


Our Social Media expert, Nicole is at the store mostly in the morning. When not at the store Nicole and her husband Bob are working at their new home and farm or staffing a booth at the Farmer's Market.


A recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a Masters Degree in School Counseling. A life long resident of Marshall and a graduate of Marshall High, she helps keep up with all things Marshall and the latest fashion trends. Amanda is also one of our models who help make our products look great.


A student at Marshall High School, Lizzie is an avid dancer and tennis player. She is our social conscience who is active at school with the G.S.A. and is being trained as a peer educator. We love her sense of humor. 

Eliza is an international woman of mystery and intrigue. She trained with a Scandinavian knife thrower and has a photographic memory. In her spare time she is a UN ambassador and adopts stranded sea turtles. She speaks Swahili and loves The Green Scene so much that she'd work there the rest of her life if she could. 


A Student at Marshall High School Carly is the artist on our team. While she was hired for her talents at drawing signs Carly is now one of regular clerks. At school she is a member of the tennis team.



Almost all of the photos on this site and on our Facebook page were taken by Stephanie. We have know her for as long as we have lived in town, traveled to Alaska with her, and she regularly watches Barkley when we go out of town. 

If you are in need of a photographer for a wedding, senior pictures, or any other special event check her out at,




The newest member of our team Mallory has agreed to write some of our blog posts. Mallory is a 2016  Graduate of Kalamazoo College, where she honed her writing skills, was a member of the Swim Team, and met a young man from Marshall who also happened to Swim.