The Green Scene and (COVID-19).

Free DeliveryWe all are concerned about the Coronavirus. We all have lots of questions. Unfortunately in todays world lots of people get their information from the wrong sources. The C.D.C. has answers for all of your questions. The State of Michigan announced the first confirmed cases in our state. If you are considering limiting your […]

No Human Contact Monday!

There is an ad that is currently running on the TV that  uses the song, “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”. Somehow this is connected to buying gifts online. Great song and the images in the commercial are cute. We like the original! Or, maybe you like the Blues Brothers version. If you watch the ad […]


One of the things we are most grateful for is the support we receive from our friends and the community. Thank you Barbra Rosene for this and letting us share it. The other day, I was contemplating why I liked Thanksgiving. One of the reasons I love thanksgiving is because it’s the one day we […]

A Merry and Green Holiday

It’s the holiday season! I don’t know about you, but I for one LOVE the holidays. Admittedly saying I like wearing big sweaters, drinking warm drinks, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying holiday lights isn’t anything abnormal. However, no matter how much I love them, the holidays can’t just be about the fun. […]

Dog is Man’s Best Coworker

It’s common knowledge by now that pets help reduce stress. Besides the multiple studies that have come to this conclusion, who doesn’t feel better after petting a happy dog or cuddling with a sleeping cat? A well-behaved and affectionate pet can be an antidote to many a rough day or stressful situation and employers are […]

3 Things About the Straw Ban

By now you are probably aware of the push for a straw ban. Groups such as The Last Plastic Straw and StrawFree are among many organizations and activists working to enact national or international straw bans. The initiatives have had mixed reactions, with cities such as Seattle and New York immediately looking into (and in […]

Getting into the Earth Day Spirit

With the beginning of April comes the dawning of spring (even if Michigan is still getting snow…#puremichigan). With spring comes a natural desire to get outside. After a long winter, the first flowers, budding trees, and singing robins are a welcome relief for most people, reinvigorating our love for nature. It’s no surprise, then, that […]

Is Natural Really Any Different than Organic?

Whenever I go to the grocery store I see a bunch of products advertised under the banners of “natural” and “organic.” There’s the organic produce section, marked with green shelving and a sense of sophistication. On the other side of the store is a new natural foods aisle, similarly labeled in green with packaging that […]

Fair Trade Certification and Why We Care

When you think “fair trade” it’s probably closely followed by “chocolate” or “coffee.” Maybe it comes to mind as the fancy coffee associated with hipsters and small, but costly coffee shops. It may also remind you of really dark chocolate or possibly clothing brands like Patagonia. Fair Trade may seem like just a buzzword to […]

Essential Oils: Medicine or Marketing?

It seems there is an essential oil for everything. Oncoming cold? Use peppermint. Anxiety or trouble sleeping? Use lavender. Troublesome acne? Use tea tree oil. The cure for cancer? Ask some people, and they will say essential oils. As essential oils’ popularity has grown, so have the claims surrounding what they can do. Still, even […]